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Restoration Company: Water Damage Cleanup, Mold Removal & Other Restoration Services in Slidell, LA

Our rapid response team can help New Orleans homeowners and commercial businessowners mitigate any property damage with our services
Slidell knows whom to turn to when it’s time to call on a restoration company for environmental remediation services—Certified Cleaning & Restoration DKI. We’re a restoration company that thrives when challenged, appreciates diversity, and always strives to exceed expectations. Our restoration services are of the highest quality, and we take pride in doing a job well the first time around. Although we love our clients, we don’t want to have to come back and redo a job, but we will, because we demand excellence from ourselves and for our Slidell clients.

We’re Slidell’s Premium Environmental Remediation Company

There are always secondary hazards after a catastrophe or disaster. Contamination doesn’t just occur in homes and businesses but sprawls throughout the surrounding area. When this happens, environmental remediation is needed in order to facilitate sanitation and return a property to normalcy.

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Certified Cleaning & Restoration DKI Is A Restoration Company That Cares

Restoration services need to be conducted in accordance with regulatory standards in order to ensure that environmental conditions are as such to promote good health.

Slidell deserves the best when it comes to restoration services, just as everyone deserves to be safe and hazard free. Reaching out ot a restoration company is an important part of recovering from a crisis, and Slidell knows that we’ve been around for decades and can handle nearly anything.

Our Restoration Services Are A Walk in The Park

Disaster, catastrophe, crisis, emergency—whichever word you prefer, it means a whole lot of stress for the people who have to deal with the cleanup. Most times people don’t have the ability to handle cleaning up the environment, and also lack the knowledge to do it properly. Certified Cleaning & Restoration DKI cares about Slidell, and considers it an honor to serve their community. The people of Slidell have been working with us for many years, and we consider them part of our family.

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Certified Cleaning & Restoration DKI is New Orleans’ IICRC certified and premier environmental remediation company that is available to Slidell 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For the past 20 years, we have been proudly serving environmental needs for institutional agencies, state government, manufacturing plants, multi-family developments and municipalities. Our experienced team of professionals provide assurance that you will receive comprehensive service in a timely manner that is both efficient and accurate. Whether you would like to inquire about employing our services or send us any comments, questions or suggestions, we would like to hear from you!

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