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Flood & Water Damage Restoration: Water Damage Repair & Cleanup in Slidell, LA

Slidell has seen some hard times and needed flood cleanup from a professional water restoration company. Certified Cleaning & Restoration DKI considers the folks in Slidell to be part of their family and wants to extend to them the best water damage repair services possible. Flood cleanup can be a tricky job, and it needs to be done efficiently and effectively to stop further damage from occurring. This is why we offer emergency services that are available at all times of the day or night.

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Certified Cleaning & Restoration DKI Is Slidell’s Water Restoration Company of Choice

We’re Slidell’s water restoration company of choice because our clients know we’ll get the job done right the first time. We’ve been in business for decades and are constantly trying to learn and grow as technicians. Flood cleanup is vital for community cleanliness, just as water damage restoration is key for a home or business to move on from the damage that’s been done. Our water damage repair is a high-quality, affordable service that we’re always eager to offer.

Slidell Demands Excellent Water Damage Restoration, and We Deliver

Slidell demands customer service and water damage restoration that is excellent, prompt, efficient, and affordable. Certified Cleaning & Restoration DKI exhibits all of these things; that’s how we’ve been able to keep our business thriving after over two decades. We care about our customers, and we always strive to surpass their expectations. There isn’t anything better than the feeling we get after a job well done, that’s why we always push ourselves.

We Make Water Damage Repair A Breeze

Slidell property owners call on us because we make repairing water damage easy and stress-free. Our technicians are experts and have cultivated their craft over the course of the multiple decades we’ve been doing business. They take this experience and apply it to the next job, always growing as well as evolving and always wanting to be better than the day before. To us, helping communities move on from tragedy is its own reward.

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Certified Cleaning & Restoration DKI is New Orleans’ IICRC certified and premier environmental remediation company that is available to Slidell 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For the past 20 years, we have been proudly serving environmental needs for institutional agencies, state government, manufacturing plants, multi-family developments and municipalities. Our experienced team of professionals provide assurance that you will receive comprehensive service in a timely manner that is both efficient and accurate. Whether you would like to inquire about employing our services or send us any comments, questions or suggestions, we would like to hear from you!

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